Almo Expands Corporate Headquarters

Almo has completed an expansion of their corporate headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA. This  recently completed space is a 7,000 square foot second story addition expanding the office capacity by
approximately 65 employees. A new, centrally located staircase and elevator provide easy access to the 2nd floor.


“When the original call center was built in 2004, it was designed to allow for a second floor office space of equal size,” noted President and CEO Warren Chaiken.  “Our continued growth necessitated additional office space, so our operations staff designed a forwardthinking, open concept workspace that is also eco-friendly. The new area was designed specifically as a collaborative, shared space for our inside sales and service teams. We officially cut the ribbon this week.”

The addition is a high-space room with warm wood wall accents and glass walled private offices and conference rooms. The decor features a crisp, clean color scheme with pops of vibrant green and plenty oOpen Concept Kitchenf natural light. The addition was constructed with special sound absorbing walls and ceilings to reduce
ambient noise in open, call-center style environments. New workstations are both attractive and designed for team-based interaction with innovative functionality and modern aesthetics.

“Over the past five years, we’ve been upgrading our buildings to energy-efficient office environments”, stated Ed Gibbons, Executive Vice President. “With the second story addition, it was designed to reduce our carbon footprint and incorporate the latest green office innovations. The HVAC system is a high-efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow system that provides up to 55% energy savings over standard systems. The exterior walls and roof are made with high R-value spray foam which performs as both insulation and air sealant, reducing air loss by 40%. And we’ve used LED light fixtures which reduce energy usage by 25%.”

Roz, Gene and Warren Chaiken
Roz, Gene and Warren Chaiken

The construction  company, Formcraft of Philadelphia, has provided a timelapse video of the construction found here:

As he cut the ribbon in front of the Almo team in Philadelphia, Chairman Gene Chaiken said “This is just phase one of what we are going to be doing with the building over the next two years. We want this building to be a place where you want to walk into in the morning, smile and be happy with your workplace.”  Almo plans to make similar cosmetic and functional improvements to the main office areas on the first floor.


Almo Expands Corporate Headquarters
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